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Accredited International certification is part of that future: helping you secure larger-scale contracts, ensuring high quality business processes, enabling you to work at an international level with greater ease. Staff of Alliance Registrar & Inspection Services(ARIS) demonstrate local business knowledge, as well as expertise across a range of market sectors. Whatever your area of business, whatever your ambitions for your organization, choose certification and Alliance Registrar & Inspection Services(ARIS) to make those aspirations a reality.

  • JURAN: Quality mission of the company is “fitness for use” as perceived by customers.

  • CROSBY: It is conformance to requirements, not as goodness.

  • DEMING: Meeting and exceeding the customer’s need and then continuing to improve.



Alliance Registrar & Inspection Services(ARIS)’s goal is to provide the highest Management Systems assessment, so that our Clients are recognized as the industry standard for excellence. We will distinguish ourselves through dedication toward improving our Client’s Management Systems
We understand the importance of impartiality and conflict of interest to ensure objectivity of our Certification activities. We will foster developmental relationships with the Clients we serve to achieve Client satisfaction. Our registered logo shall be perceived as a symbol of Quality and Excellence
Alliance(ARIS) is an internationally accredited Management System Registrar offering a comprehensive suite of services to those organizations wishing to achieve registration. Alliance(ARIS) has been built on decades of collective experience within the manufacturing and non-manufacturing industries. Our senior staff played a major role in developing the content of the Quality System Requirements and piloting the first Quality System Requirement witness audit, setting the standard by which the industry is measured.


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