Alliance Registrar & Inspection Services Corp. is accredited certification body by international accreditation bodies as below:

North America Accreditation Body (NAAB)

Is an  independent private accreditation body established in 2001. It accredits certification/registration and training organizations as well as administering auditor registration schemes. NAAB guides you through the accreditation and certification process.


Alliance is an international accredited registrar in wide scope.

  1. QMS Accreditation Certificate(ISO9001)
  2. EMS Accreditation Certificate(ISO14001)
  3. OHS_MS Accreditation Certificate(ISO45001)
  4. FSMS Accreditation Certificate(ISO22000)
  5. OHSAS Accreditation Certificate(OHSAS18001)
  6. EnMS Accreditation Certificate(ISO50001)
  7. ISMS Accreditation Certificate(ISO27001)
  8. QFWM Accreditation Certificate(ISO 3834)
  9. Product Accreditation Certificate(ISO17065)
  10. Halal Certification(HALAL Product)