Auditor’s Code of Conduct



I, Auditor’s Name & Surname

  1. Undertake not to divulge to any person or organisation other than in the ordinary and proper course in respect of my duties for Alliance Registrar and Inspection Services (ARIS), (hereinafter known as Alliance (ARIS)), information of any kind of the Company or its clients, which I obtain because of, or through my employment with them.
  2.  Confirm that I have not been involved in providing consultancy over the past 2 years in respect of all audit projects undertaken and there are no other conflicts of interest.
  3. Acknowledge that during and after termination of my involvement with Alliance (ARIS), such information shall be regarded as strictly confidential. Nor shall it be used by me or by any other person with my consent or assistance, for the purposes other than as aforesaid and I shall take all reasonable steps to prevent unauthorized persons from gaining such information.
  4. Am aware that there shall not be any conflict of interest while performing audits of related work for Alliance (ARIS). I understand that it is my sole responsibility to inform Alliance (ARIS) in writing immediately should there be any conflict of interest in any audit work that I am assigned.
  5. Undertake to notify Alliance (ARIS) immediately in writing should there be any changes in my circumstances that affect my work with Alliance (ARIS).
  6. Will not act in any way prejudicial to the reputation, interests or credibility of Alliance (ARIS).
  7. Will co-operate fully in any formal enquiry procedure relating to any breach of this Code of Conduct.
  8. Will not accept any inducements, gifts, commission, discount or any other profit from the client being audited from their representatives, or from any other interested person nor knowingly allow personnel for whom you are responsible to do so. Auditors who work for Alliance (ARIS) shall be incorruptible. Any report of an instance of collusion or acceptance of anything for personal gain will mean immediate removal of the auditor from Alliance (ARIS).
  9. Or my company shall book all flights, taxis, buses, trains and hotels where these apply and not the client.
  10. Understand that Regional Law shall govern this agreement and all parties involved in this agreement consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the related Courts in all matters regarding this agreements.


Please complete part 1, 2 , 3 & 4 and return with your re-certification documentation.

Section 2


I confirm that since my last date of certification I have not received
any complaints concerning my professional conduct whilst carrying out
auditing activities.


I confirm that since my last date of certification I have received formal complaint(s) concerning my professional conduct and details are attached

for your examination. I understand that these will be treated in the
strictest confidence.


 Section 3

 I confirm that I have complied with the Professional Code of Conduct



Section 4


  1. I confirm that I am currently certificated as [grade]____________ and I wish to re-certify as [grade]____________.